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The Trusted Work Execution Platform for Government

We understand the importance of effective collaboration and transparency to drive work execution within organizations. That’s why we created Smartsheet Gov—a secure, enterprise-grade platform made for government agencies and built on the AWS GovCloud (US).

Complete this form to request a free trial of Smartsheet Gov and see for yourself how the simple, transparent, and flexible platform can help transform the way you work.

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In connection with your participation in the Gov Trial Program, Smartsheet grants you a limited, non-transferable license to use Smartsheet Gov for evaluation purposes. You acknowledge and agree that Smartsheet Gov: (a) is not part of Smartsheet’s standard commercial offering (“Smartsheet Standard”) and is not suitable for production use; (b) may not contain all the features and functionality of Smartsheet Standard; (c) is subject to change, discontinuance, and downtime; and (d) is provided “as is” without any warranty, support, maintenance, or other obligation of any kind. Participation in the Gov Trial Program is at your sole risk and responsibility; upload or submission of sensitive data is discretionary and should be done with caution.

Smartsheet will have a perpetual right to use and incorporate any feedback or suggestions that you provide to Smartsheet regarding Smartsheet Gov without any obligation of compensation. Smartsheet Gov constitutes Smartsheet 'Confidential Information' and should be treated accordingly.

Smartsheet may terminate your participation in the Gov Trial Program at any time for any reason. You may terminate your participation in the Gov Trial Program by sending an email to [email protected]. You can opt-out of receiving Gov Trial Program emails at any time using the unsubscribe functionality included in each email; opting-out of Gov Trial Program emails will automatically terminate your participation in the Gov Trial Program.

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