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Meet These 5 Innovative Smartsheet Customers at ENGAGE’19

by Steve Lampert

Thousands of innovative Smartsheet customers will be at ENGAGE’19 in Seattle this fall. The annual conference, which runs from September 30 through October 3, provides a supportive environment for customers to learn Smartsheet solutions for solving business challenges, network with innovators from every industry, hear about the latest Smartsheet capabilities, and participate in hands-on learning labs to deepen their practical skills with the platform.

Four Smartsheet customers present during a panel at ENGAGE'19

Among other amazing customers, these five innovators will speak as part of panels at ENGAGE’19 sessions. I wanted to highlight their stories today, as they’ve really embraced Smartsheet to help multiple departments within their organizations. 

Are you curious about how they used the Smartsheet platform to streamline processes, increase productivity, and save time and money? If you attend ENGAGE this year, you can hear all about their achievements. In the meantime, read on to learn how they’re using Smartsheet to make an impact:

Cisco Effectively Manages Project Portfolios

After being promoted from individual contributor to a manager at Cisco, Adelle Lashbrook needed to find a way to manage the $70 million worth of projects that her team was responsible for, along with understanding the pipeline. 

“Smartsheet to the rescue once again! I now use Smartsheet for portfolio reviews every two weeks with our delivery managers and project managers,” says Lashbrook. “We are able to pull in data and look at new ways of understanding the business.” 

A quote from Adelle Lashbrook


Lashbrook will share her successful strategies during “Leveraging Sheet Summary for Portfolio Management,” a session that explores sheet summary, a newer Smartsheet feature that enables you to add metadata to a sheet or aggregate data across sheets. This streamlines communications so you can more easily compare multiple projects, or view a concise sheet overview.

Salesforce Breaks Through Barriers

Salesforce is a world-leading CRM platform for businesses in every industry. Principal project manager, procurement enablement KC Lakshminarasimham adopted Smartsheet to buoy innovation and collaboration throughout his department. He wanted to provide visibility for everyone — from executives to project team members — into the work being done.

“From a tactical solution to strategic vision, Smartsheet and I continue to break new barriers. I keep ideating on how to make things easier and automated, then turn them into reality.” 

—KC Lakshminarasimham

Principal Project Manager, Procurement Enablement


Lakshminarasimham will share additional insight through the ENGAGE session “Best-in-Class Project Management.” During this session, Smartsheet customers will share how they were able to achieve world-class project management solution architecture using Smartsheet. They’ll cover how to improve accountability and visibility so that no tasks or priorities slip through the cracks.

Ogilvy Wins and Maintains Business Relationships

An award-winning advertising agency based in Chicago, Ogilvy must quickly create large sets of digital media assets to place and track across online magazines, social media, video channels, and more. Mame McCutchin turned to Smartsheet to manage all of these projects and assets to ensure immediate visibility for every member of her globally distributed team. 

“There’s a level of calmness now that we didn’t have before this schedule was completed; that’s really important for this team,” McCutchin says. “Everybody now has the same view of what we’re supposed to do; all the oars are in the water going the same way. Before, we never knew what was around the corner, but now using Smartsheet we’re all planning for the same thing and we all have the same line of sight to it. Who wouldn’t want the ‘Smartsheet calm’ in their life?”

A customer quote from Mame McCutchin

You can hear her speak at “Create World-Class Collaboration With Your Clients,” an ENGAGE session that focuses on how you can use Smartsheet to collaborate on projects, share the progress of critical initiatives, and manage contracts. Customers will go into greater depth on how they use Smartsheet to enhance their client relationships.

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Colliers International Onboards Clients Faster

For Kristin Komassa, implementing Smartsheet has fundamentally changed how Colliers International does business every day. “Not only are we winning more business but we are engaging with our clients on a completely new level,” she says.

"By developing repeatable — yet customizable — workspaces we have been able to onboard new clients in weeks instead of months.” The entire team is collaborating on a scale that previously was unattainable via email and spreadsheets.

“Smartsheet has allowed us to surpass our competition by improving our client's experience. It creates a solid foundation for long term client relationships!” 

—Kristin Komassa

Vice President of Process Improvement 

Colliers International

In the session “Become a Smartsheet Champion,” Komassa and other innovative customers will share tips for expanding Smartsheet usage within your organization. You’ll also learn about the resources, assets, and events we've created to help you succeed, and gain access to the Smartsheet Mobilizer Toolkit.

McKesson Manages Historic Accounting Project 

McKesson is a $200-billion-dollar healthcare company that is a world leader in delivering regulated pharmaceuticals and medical products to hospitals, pharmacies, and other health businesses. James Watson, PMO Director, used Smartsheet to manage the biggest accounting project in the company’s history.

“Smartsheet has been a game-changer for everybody that’s involved,” says Watson. “In previous companies where I’ve brought in the structure of governance and control, I have had up to 14 people reporting to me just to do the discipline that I’m doing in Smartsheet. It has greatly automated how we manage, how we communicate, and how we hold people accountable.”

A customer quote from James Watson

These five customers, with the help of their teams and Smartsheet, have accomplished a lot, transforming business practices and processes while consistently innovating. To hear from them and other amazing Smartsheet customers, join us for ENGAGE’19.